Frans de Voldere

Besides being a specialist in intellectual property, copyright and trademark law, Frans de Voldere advises on a range of corporate law disputes.

Track Record

Frans is a lawyer who likes to litigate on your behalf, but will not lose sight of the fact that a good settlement is often preferable to legal proceedings.

He is an experienced specialist in precautionary seizures. Frans knows from experience that the possibilities offered by the law in this area are a powerful weapon. After all, a good attachment can create a favourable bargaining position and force reluctant debtors to pay.

Frans has registered 'general legal practice' as his main practice area with the Dutch Bar Association, and civil law as a sub-practice area. On the basis of this registration, he is obliged to obtain ten training points per calendar year in this main practice area according the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

Frans is fluent in Dutch and English, and has knowledge of German and French.

Published articles